Margin call calculation formula

margin call calculation formula

3,600 (3,600 8,400) 30 reached margin requirement. By selling stocks, you decrease the amount of margin, therefore increase the percentage of the equity. Below is the calculation formula x the amount of stocks you should sell to cover the call.

The formula for margin call price is as follows initial margin is the minimum amount, expressed as a percentage, that the investor must pay for the security and. Maintenance margin is the amount of equity, expressed as a percentage, that must be maintained in a margin account.

  in individual cases, you can calculate the exact stock price on which a margin call will be triggered with the following formula account value (margin loan) (1 maintenance margin ) example of a margin call lets look at an example.

  calculating call margin the margin call is the difference between the current equity balance in your account and how much equity you need to maintain. Say that you have a 10,000 balance of securities in your brokerage account, but only 2,000 is in cash. If your have a 30 percent maintenance margin, you must maintain 3,000 cash in your account.

Lets see if you can calculate your used margin for the following trade setup your account deposit currency is usd. The standard lot size is 10,000 units of currency (mini account).

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margin call calculation formula

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margin call calculation formula

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